Air conditioning & Heating

Air to Air heat pump

Air to Air heat pump or reversible air conditioning

EXPERTUBES installs all types of Air/Air heat pumps.

According to your budget, the configuration of your housing and your taste as well, we will propose you a personalised and adapted solution.
Wall mounted unit: For small rooms and design execution, the wall mounted split is ideal


Floor mounted unit: For big volumes, we advise the floor mounted unit (can eventually be installed where your radiators were)

Air duct system: In favour of an invisible installation, if your home configuration is suitable to the air duct system, we will direct you to this solution. Only the blowing grilles are visible.
Ceiling and cassette system : These solutions are usually installed in the professional areas or offices
FUNCTIONING OF AN AIR/AIR HEAT PUMP (reversible air conditioning)

An air/air heat pump is always composed of one or several outside units linked to one or several inside units. It collects calories naturally present in the environment and thanks to a compressor; it brings them to a higher temperature to be distributed in the house.

The pump is electric but is low consuming:
You save up to 60 % on your heating bill
Advantages of the air/air heat pump: economical, silent, environment friendly and easy.
  • Easy to use and install: no need of administration authorization
  • Can be used for renovation and construction
  • Can be installed in villas and apartments
  • You save up to 60 % on your heating bill
  • The cost is not depending on the surface to be heated but also on the number of rooms and distributors to be set up. We can install up to 9 inside units on one outside unit.
  • Most of the air/air heat pumps are reversible and can be used as A/C during summer and heating in winter.
  • Air/air heat pumps are not subject to tax return but the labour is eligible to the 5.5 % VAT.