Tax return and financing

The government encourages the purchase of material using sustainable energies allowing a tax return on air/water heat pumps only:
If you pay tax : Save 22% of the cost of the machine
If you don’t pay tax, or if the amount of the...

EDF - Domofinance Loan Offer / Expertubes

As “EDF Bleu Ciel” partner, we can propose financing solutions through EDF Domofinance Bank.
For a costly or not installation, we are allowed to suggest you a one or several year loan at a very...

With “solar” you divide by 2 your sanitary hot water bill. When getting full sunshine, you reach energetic autonomy.

A solar boiler costs on average 4 300 € on the region (4 to 5 m2 of sensors, water tank of 200 to 300 litres, for a housing of 3 to 4 persons) before bonus deduction including VAT. This investment,...